Top 11 Internship Interview Questions & Answers

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Internship Interview Questions

1) Mention why are you interested in this Internship?
·          Clearly, explain your reasons for applying to a particular internship
·          Show them that you are interested and ready to invest your time into such an opportunity.
·          Explain about your expectations and goals.
·          Explain how your qualifications are in-line with those required for the position
·          Be specific why you chose particular company when applying.

2) As an intern what you would like to ask hiring manager?
As an intern, I would ask hiring manager,
·          Ask for the specific start and end dates for an internship before you begin working with a company. As such job offer may come a long
·          Whether they might consider hiring an intern full-time or part-time.

3) Mention how you could impress your supervisor or present your pro-activeness during the internship?
During internship to impress your supervisor ask,
·          Keep communication open with your supervisor to determine how you can pitch in
·          And learn to set your own internal goals of what you’d like to achieve even if your supervisor doesn’t.

4) Mention how you could add value to your company as an Intern?
As an Intern you could add value to your company by following ways,
·          Listen and learn from the full-time employees
·          Ask for help or permission before taking initiative in company
·          Be more helpful to full-time employees rather creating too much work for them
·          Do not disclose company’s confidential matter to anyone

5) Mention what you should expect during Internship?
During Internship, you should expect
·          As an intern, you might involve doing regular and less responsible work like data entry, filing, or scheduling appointments for your boss, checking emails, etc.
·          Expect to be proactive. Initially, ask your direct supervisor for work. Don’t go over too many heads to get an assignment.
·          For internship look out for the company that matches your personality
·          Your internship should reimburse you somehow-whether by a paycheck, class credit, stipend, housing subsidies or other perks. In exchange for your work, a company should give you more than just its name on your resume.
·          Ask questions to your role model and find out how they reach there. Also, find out who they know in the industry.

6) Mention what are the Do’s and Don’ts for an intern?

·          Try to get at least one internship during your college years
·          Don’t give up easily on your internship quest.
·          Not necessary that all internships are paid one
·          Don’t look only for paid internship
·          Make sure you have regular meetings with your internship supervisor.
·          Don’t let go opportunities to add experiences beyond the regular scope of the internship
·          Get as much exposure throughout the internship
·          Don’t afraid to ask questions
·          Make sure during internship you learn new skills, a better understanding of your field, and tangible accomplishments.
·          Don’t forget to take career advice from supervisor or your mentor
·          Send a thank you letters at the end of the internship to all people who interview you and helped you finish your internship.
·          Don’t burn bridges even if your internship was not the best.

7) Explain how can you make most of your Internship?
To make most of your Internship, follow the below steps
1. Network as much as possible
2. Take on challenging projects with eagerness to learn
3. Start building a portfolio of the work you’re doing, so you have it for reference when you’re done
4. Ask for suggestions and get feedback on your performance. It helps to keep you on track with current and future assignments
5. Note down key learning during internship like What technical and computer skills are you using? What tangible results have you achieved? What types of analysis are you doing?
6. Ask a recommendation letter from supervisor at the end of your Internship

8) Mention what are the challenges faced by an intern?
Challenges faced by an intern are,
·          You are given more busy work than real work than you anticipated
·          You’re overwhelmed with work and might not have adequate training
·          Afraid to ask questions or give suggestions
·          A lifestyle that you are not used to
·          Not receiving feedback from your supervisor

9) What you must do after the internship is over?
·          After internship talk to your supervisor about work opportunities. Asking for more work shows that you can assume the responsibilities of a full-time employee.
·          Follow-up with your previous employer with periodic updates on what you are studying and your interests, as well as by providing information that is of interest to them.
·          Create a LinkedIn profile and look for more ways to learn and develop additional skills and knowledge in that career area
·          Find your mentor in the field of your interest.
·          Start looking actively for things you want to do.

10) Mention what you must cover in your internship report?
In your internship report, you must cover following details.
·          Summary of the facts
·          Give brief profile of the organization or company you gave internship
·          Give details about the division or department you worked in.
·          Narrative of what you did and what you learned
·          Provide details about what you did on the job. Explain your duties/chores in detail.
·          Narrate what you have learned during internship
·          Self-Evaluation
·          Take a long, hard look at your experience and mention the good and the bad of it.
·          Make sure to bring some insight, analysis and reflective thinking to this section
·          Don’t generalize and offer superficial, glib observations. Be detailed and specific
·          Appendix
·          Include samples of the work you did at the internship
·          Show a variety of pieces like ads, Layouts, reports, tapes, editorials, brochures, letters, and scripts.

11) Mention how to get a job offer while you’re still an Intern?
While you’re still an Intern, you can get a job offer
·          Take time and list your  skill set you need the most in your job search
·          Once you have those objectives cleared, you can start to implement a plan of action
·          Ask the company to take on a project that will showcase those desirable skills
·          If they say no, tell them you’ll do it on your own time and bring it in to show them
·          Attend seminars and build contacts with people who are going to open up these doors
·          Spend time with the companies you researched and express your desire to find an exciting full-time position.

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