Top 25 Microsoft Excel Interview Questions & Answers

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Microsoft Excel Job Interview Questions & Answers

1)  What is Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft excel is an electronic worksheet developed by Microsoft, to be used for organizing, storing and manipulating.
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Top 100 PHP Interview Questions and Answers

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PHP Interview Question 

1) What is php?

PHP is a web language based on scripts that allows developers to dynamically create generated web pages.
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Top 12 Oracle Forms Interview Question and Answers

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Oracle Forms Interview Questions

1) What is Oracle Forms?

Oracle Forms:

Oracle Forms is a software product for creating screens that interact with an Oracle database.  It has an IDE including a property sheet, object navigator and code editor that uses PL/SQL.
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30 time-saving Mac keyboard shortcuts

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OS X and Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts

OS X and macOS Sierra includes Mac shortcuts for just about everything, so people who develop dexterous digits can make windows pop open and fly around the screen like they're hacking the Matrix or something. So your mission is clear: master the shortcuts below to save humanity from the robots.

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42+ Text-Editing Keyboard Shortcuts That Work Almost Everywhere

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you’re typing an email in your browser or writing in a word processor, there are convenient keyboard shortcuts usable in almost every application. You can copy, select, or delete entire words or paragraphs with just a few key presses.
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